The Heimlich Maneuver

Spain, 2015, NR, Comedy, 1hr 14mins

Alex Pareja ( Jacob Torres) is a writer who experienced great success with this first novel, "The Heimlich Maneuver" published in 2003. The novel was about the death of his girlfriend. Anna Venturi, who choked on a piece of chicken at a dinner while Alex was asking for her hand in marriage.

Since the first novel none of his work has returned to have the support of critics or the public, so 10 years later Alex decided to adapt his novel into a movie.

Director: Manolo Vazquez

Starring: Jacob Torres, Alba Yanez, Miki Esparbe, Marta Torne, Judit Uriach, Albert Ribalta, Blanca Martinez, Mar del Hoyo, Marta Bassols