Tavis Addison - My Voice

United States, 2018, PG, Documentary, 12 mns 51 sec

Tavis Addison is the founder and CEO of the Lake County Challengers, a youth basketball organization operating in Lake County Illinois.  In 2008, this organization was founded to offer young aspiring athletes an alternative to the normal AAU programs in the area.  Concentrating on academics and athletics  LCC has helped hundreds of young men and women attain their goal of getting a college education.  This is unique story from a unique family.

My Voice is an exploration of the unique personalities you find in and around Chicago.  Through a series of brief interviews we learn about the beauty, hopes, dreams and challenges faced by Chicagoans as they go about their daily lives. Chicago is a menagerie of unique stories and people. My Voice examines the essence of what makes Chicago a unique city.

A HUEMOVIES Production:

Featuring: Tavis Addison