Sins of My Father

Columbia, 2009, Documentary/Crime, 1h 34mins

This is the incredible story of Pablo Escobar, the infamous boss of the Colombia's Medellin drug cartel told for the very first time by his son, Sabastian and his widow Maria Isabel Santos. In Nicolas Entel's film Sabastian tells of his extraordinary childhood, growing up with a father he loved but whom he knew to be Colombia's enemy number one.  He tells of times of extraordinary luxury and extravagance, and other times on the run. And Sabastian and his widow open the family vaults to share their private and long hidden archives.  

Director: Nicolas Entel 

Writers: Nicolas Entel, Pablo Farina

Starring: Jorge Enrique Abello, Pablo Escobar, Sabastian Marroquin, Maria Isabel Santos