Next Exit Nirvana

India, 2010, Documentary, Not Rated, 1hr 30mins

5,000 gurus, 200,000  sadhus, millions of pilgrims and beggars! Every 12 years they meet in a salutary place on the Ganges. There one finds teaching, praying, singing, dancing, bathing and wondering. Bizarre bodily practices - like lifting a 30 kilo stone with the penis, deep insights " I leave myself to existence, I trust it." , selflessness and vanity - "In India there are 7 wonders and I am one of them." at this "spring fair of spirituality" there is room for everything.

Who are these people who attract millions of pilgrims and curious from all over the world? Are they wise, holy, enlightened or just crazy?

Director: Walter Grossbauer