PERU, 2014 , Drama, 1hr 25mins

Police detective Waldo investigates several crimes associated with indigenous rituals that occur in some regions of the Peruvian Andes. There we find a boy and a girl who are about to enter puberty and begin to interact with certain mythical beings, a supernatural belief very common in many Andean villages. A sinister character, pretending to be on a mission of faith, but imbued with religious dogmatism and intolerance, interrupts this peaceful scene as he casts an ominous shadow over these ancient Peruvian beliefs.

Director: Manuel Siles 

Stars:  Oswaldo Salas, Magaly Solier, Paulina Bazan, Diego Yupanqui, Augusto Casafranca, Oscar Ludena, Renato Gianoli, Florella Flores, Firelei Barreda, Amiel Cayo, Ana Arce, Julian Vargas, Diana Castro