Chi Voices

United States, 2014, Short / Drama, 27 mins

Jessica Estelle Huggins, an independent filmmaker from Boston, Massachusetts has created "Chi Voices" a Poetic Film Series inspired after the death of Jonylah Watkins, the 6-month baby in March 2013. Chi-Voices is a media project with six premier poets who creatively express their personal experiences with violence in their communities through spoken word and film. This project aims to showcase personal stories directly from citizens of the community, not politicians, corporations, or news media. Showing how violence effects our environment, economy, and humanity.

Chicago has a strong underground poetry scene, Chi-Voices explores the talents of these young people and their elegant and poetic response to violence in their community.

Director: Shiri Burson

Starring: Joy Heard, Shelyse Santiago-Opio, Gregory Madden, Brea Harris, Edye Deloch-Hughes, Frankiem Mitchell